About Me

“About Me” pages on a web site generally are full of all the wonderful things that person has achieved.

This of course is all well and good, it helps to know all of that but what about “me” the person?  My business is very much about people.  Making sure everyone is happy.  Not just my customers but every single person involved.  I believe that the reason that anything I plan and run is so successful is because of my attitude to people.  My work ethic has always been very much about the team.  If the team is happy they will work well.

Where the Personal Assistant role is concerned I am a perfectionist and therefore I will ensure that whatever you have asked me to do is done to the best of my ability.  No job too big or small as they say and no matter how small the job it will get the same level of attention as the biggest of jobs.

So what about my cooking abilities and the catering side.  I have always very much enjoyed cooking.  Catering is second nature to me.  I have already mentioned planning and to my mind a lot of success in cooking is all about the planning and timing.

As for my career it has been very varied.  I have been self employed for most of my life and for ten years I ran a company which employed ladies doing part time work.  It was kept very small deliberately as I wanted to be there for my children as they grew.  I never had more than 10 staff and I was responsible for every aspect of running that business including payroll etc.  I often took jobs that came in as well, especially if they sounded interesting.  This meant that I worked with a huge variety of people in many very different roles.  Hence the Testimonial from John Dicken.  I went in to help with the running of his three businesses for a short while and ended up staying for three years helping to organise and run many outside events and Weddings.  I had a wonderful time working with John and I stayed until he had reached the point where he was back to going it alone.

This varied career has led me to realise that my organisational skills and ability to pull events together are exceptional.  Many of my friends and family would be amazed to hear me make that statement as I am not one for blowing my own trumpet but sometimes needs must and this is one of those occasions.

I am honest and trustworthy.   Suffice to say……. I will never let you down.